Letter from the UT Foundation President & Board Chair

Gary Leidich, Chair

The University of Toledo Foundation Board of Trustees

Brenda Lee

Brenda S. Lee, President

The University of Toledo Foundation

Dear Friends:

This past year was one of changes, challenges, and tremendous achievements.

It marked a year of new leadership at The University of Toledo. Under UT’s 17th president, Dr. Sharon Gaber, the University implemented strategic goals focusing on national standing, enrollment and academic preparedness, research, reduced administrative spending, and increased fundraising.

For the UT Foundation, that last goal presents our opportunity to help make each of the others possible.

Working with the UT Advancement team, the UT Foundation received $18.4 million from nearly 11,000 individuals, corporations, and organizations: an increase of approximately 1,500 donors and nearly $1.8 million from the previous year.

Although the stock market presented widespread challenges in fiscal 2016, with a down market affecting the holdings of investors everywhere, the UT Foundation’s long-term investment performance remains strong. Our five-year and ten-year returns outperformed our benchmarks, which is key for an organization with a multi-generational horizon.

Most important, your support last year resulted in our organization distributing $17 million to assist UT’s needs and opportunities: funding for scholarships, academic programs, athletics, capital projects, and community services. The impact of your foresight and your generosity will be felt far into the future.

Working together, we will continue to make strides to help strengthen the University and change the world. Thank you.


Brenda S. Lee, President

The University of Toledo Foundation

Gary Leidich, Chair

The University of Toledo Foundation Board of Trustees

Sharon Graber

Sharon L. Gaber, Ph.D., President

The University of Toledo

Letter from the UT President

Dear Donors, Alumni and Other Friends:

Thank you for making my first year as The University of Toledo’s President such a success! I am extremely proud of all we accomplished together! Your support and generous contributions truly help us to continue leveraging our progress to raise UT’s national standing, while publicly acknowledging the unwavering dedication and great achievements of our faculty, researchers, staff and students.

Examples of this progress include:

Given the high caliber and level of commitment of our stakeholders—including you!—I am confident we will be able to continue offering our students and patients the very best in higher education, research and health care. As I enter the 2016-2017 academic year, I offer my sincere thanks for your ongoing support.

Go, Rockets!

Dr. Sharon Graber

Sharon L. Gaber, Ph.D., President

The University of Toledo

The Year in Review

UT Provides Guidance

As the first in her family to attend college, Destiny Washington was navigating uncharted territory. She and her parents were looking for someone to help them navigate the college admissions process.

UTMC Physician Remembered

Two years from completing his surgical residency at The University of Toledo Medical Center, Dr. Cyrus Chan saw his life turn from lifesaving surgeon to terminal patient.

Mel and Jean Miller “Still at Home”

While many people recall The University of Toledo as “home” during their college years, Mel and Jean Miller don’t use this term figuratively.

Support & Achievements

Financial Statements
The Year in Review

July 1, 2015 - June 30, 2016

Total UTF Assets $278.9M
Endowment $393.2M
Investments Under Management $427.3M
Total Contributions $15.1M
Total Support Provided to the University$17.0M

Assets 2007-2016

Assets Bar Chart

Asset Allocation

Asset Allocation

Annualized Investment Performance June 30, 2016

Annulaized Investments

Designation of Fund Balances

Designation of Funds

Contributions 2007-2016


Foundation Support Provided to UT 2007-2016

Foundation Support

Designation of Support to UT – 2016

Designation of Support

Mission, Vision, & Values Statements

Mission Statement

The mission of The University of Toledo Foundation is to secure the future for The University of Toledo, through prudent asset management and philanthropy. We build strong linkages between alumni and the University, fostering a spirit of loyalty and opportunity for engagement.

Vision Statement

The University of Toledo Foundation embraces the mission of The University of Toledo by aspiring to be a forward-thinking, philanthropic organization, providing impactful financial support and engagement opportunities for transformation throughout the University community.

Values Statement

The University of Toledo Foundation will be guided by its commitment to:

Integrity, respect, and transparency

Earn the respect, trust, and confidence of donors and the general public

A long-term perspective and focus on growing a sustainable organization

Its mission and that of The University of Toledo to improve the human condition

A demonstrated desire to achieve excellence through innovation

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