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Agilon ONE and Agresso Financial Reporting

Please fill this form completely to ensure that you receive the appropriate reports from ONE. Agresso reports cannot be pushed out at this time. For access to Agresso, please email bryan.dadey@utoledo.edu
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Required For what purpose do you need access to either the donor system or the financial system?
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My job requires me to access Donor biographical and detail donation information.
My job requires me to have access to Financial Information on funds including fund balances, donations and disbursements.
NOTE: Financial reports are self service. They will not be pushed out via emal.
I am not the correct person to receive reports. Please remove me and substitute:
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(Enter the full name of the person who should receive reports and Rocket ID if you have it.)
Donor contribution detail report for gift and pledge acknowledgements can be sent via email. Check this box if you would like us to send this. It will be sent weekly. (Remember! Fund financial reports will always be self service.)
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