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Use this form to report issues you are having in ONE or Agresso. Please be as specific as possible. An email will be sent to the UT Foundation with the details. We will respond as soon as possible. If the problem is urgent, please call our office at 419.530.7730
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In order to resolve an issue, we need to know what you were doing and what time it happened.
I was away from ONE for 90 minutes or more and the system logged me out.
The system is set to log you off if you are idle for more than 90 minutes. If you checked the box above, it's not necessary to go any further. The system is working as designed.
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Please don't use "now" or "this morning".
A REAL time wil help us find the incident in the log.

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Let us know the sequence of events to the best of your recollection.

Please include constituent Ids, account numbers, gift/pledge amounts, any information that may be helpful in resolving the issue
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