Data Extract and Report Request

Please note: We require at least 10 working days to complete your request.
WHO - Tell us who you are so we can contact you with any questions.
Required Requester:   Required  Department: 
Required Mail Stop:   Required Date Needed: (Must be specific.)
Have you requested something similar before? Yes No
Enter the approximate number you expect: This will really help us determine whether we are getting the correct results.
PURPOSE - Check one or more boxes to indicate the purpose of this request.
Postal Mail
Travel/Visit Planning
Other List (describe below)
Required Describe the purpose.   For Example: "To send an e-newsletter to all Alumni in the college of ... "

ZIP RADIUS - Let us know the starting zip and the number of miles from that zip.
Not including a zip radius could result in a very large file.
Origin zip Radius (in miles)
TARGET POPULATION - describe in words your targeted population (alums, friends, donors, companies, trusts, gov, boards, etc)
Required Describe the group or groups requested: (i.e. your target population)  
 For example: Alumni in your college who graduated within the last 5 years. OR Donors to a specific area in the last 2 fiscal years. OR People who previously attended a specific event.
DO NOT INCLUDE - Check one or more boxes.
Unknown Postal Addresses
Foreign Addresses
Do not email (These will be dropped if you request email address)
Do not Call (Will be dropped if you request phone number.)
Do not Contact (Constituents who have asked not to receive anything and will only be included in statistical reporting.)
Do not Solicit (Constituents who have asked not to receive solicitations.)
Do not send mail/email from the Alumni Association
Do not send mail/email from my department/area/purpose
OUTPUT - Check one or more boxes to indicate the output you would like to receive.
Postal mailing (file to Addressing Services)

Excel file
Crystal report

Other (describe below)
Required Describe the output (what do you expect to see in the output)
If file is for contact; email lists, call lists and postal lists will be separate as there exist
drop codes which determine who shows up on what lists. (so cannot combine)

REL@Y EMAIL SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS - If we are sending an email for you, please give us more information.

The Foundation is using a new email software package called Rel@y. This package will handle email bounces, track who opens the email, track what links the recipient clicks on, handles unsubscribes and allows us to report on the effectiveness of your campaign.

If we are sending an email for you and you do NOT have access to Rel@y, please email the HTML, text and image files for the email to
  Campaign has been built in Rel@y
HTML and text emailed to:
HTML and text documents placed in the Driscoll Rel@y share
Subject of the Email
Enter the name of the Rel@y campaign (if applicable)
Email address of the FROM person or group
(It is wise to use a generic department email address which will receive out of office and requests for more information emails.)
From name (Note: This should be a name your constituents will recognize.)
Email address of the Reply to person or group (if different)
Reply to name (if different)
Text of the email (if not in Rel@y or emailed)
(Formatting will not remain in this text block. Send the formatted text to
DELIVERY and SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS Where should the information go?  
Appeal Code: (Include the Appeal Code & Extension so we can credit your efforts as well as track who is receiving the mailing.) Format should be AG2013-BUS-EML where AG2013is the appeal code and BUS is the Appeal Extension and EML is hte solicitation type.
Required Deliver to/Notify: Send the email for me using Rel@y email marketing
Send the file to Addressing Services for postal mailing
Email the file/report to me at the address below
Send the file/report to me via campus mail
Hold the report for pickup (in DC1017)

*My Email:
(An email confirmation will be sent to this person.)
Special processing and/or delivery instructions:

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